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Library looks towards facility update

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Almost like a second home, the library serves as one of the most visited places for students, as attested to the fact that throughout the day there is never a time when the tables and computers are not occupied. In December, the librarians sent a survey to collect information on how the facility should be

Move Over Bookstores, it’s Kindle Time!

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Everyone knows that technology seems to be developing something new everyday, trying to make things more convenient and interactive for people all around the world. It looks like, however, that it will be changing our current system of books as well, altering the way we educate and learn. Back in 2007, Amazon launched one of

Eighth Grade Open House

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It’s that night again, when Peninsula’s campus is swarmed by tons of eighth graders from nearby middle schools eager to see what Peninsula is all about. The Open House starting at 5 p.m, 8th graders traveled from classroom to classroom. They were given the chance to experience activities done in different classrooms. Those in Physiology

Boys soccer keeps kicking forward

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Barely losing their first four Bay League games with a score of 1-0 and having one of the top defenses in Bay League, the boys varsity soccer team hopes to turn their season around with some wins. The team reflects on themselves to resolve the issues arising in games. Post-game analysis then leads to practices

Counseling Office Contents Homework Calculator

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Five AP classes straight in a row, two hours of practice for soccer, an unfinished project due in two days, is a schedule that some students have in mind for the following year. This hectic schedule is barely manageable and causes stress. To make students fully aware of the implications of their filled to the

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