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Graphic by Benson Leung

Television illegally makes its debut on the small screen

With the newfound freedom of watching shows online at any time without commercials, students are turning away from traditional television to the computer screen. A major reason why students watch television shows online is because they have no time during the week to enjoy their shows. The transition to Internet viewing, however, has also spurred

Kendall’s Top Blogs

Blogs have taken over my bookmark bar. There are all types of blogs—DIY (do-it-yourself) blogs, fashion blogs, cooking blogs, self-help blogs—the list is endless. Blogging creates virtual communities for people, all interested in one thing. Six of my favorites include: 1. Personally, I’m all for the cheese. I have a creepy obsession with, a

The Old J.B.

Justin Bieber may be the first thing to come to mind with the initials “J.B.” Yet, the old “J.B.” is attempting a comeback.  After breaking the Guinness World Record for Most Singles To Enter Into The US Top 20 In A Year By A Group in 2009 and winning over 40 awards including an American

Students use nails as canvas

The tips of our fingers are so different as to allow forensic analysis. Now students are giving attention to the opposite side of the finger. From patterns to paints, nail art expresses an individual’s taste. Senior Terina Tsai makes color choices based on personality, while junior Stacey Dojiri likes to base them on seasons. “I

Euceph prints self-made shirts

Creative and stylish students are finding new ways to express themselves through self-made T-shirt designs, an alternative to store-bought clothing. Senior Noor Euceph has taken this hobby and turned it into a tangible business. Using her love of art and fascination for the book The Great Gatsby, Euceph created a T-shirt saying, “Party at Gatsby’s.”

Photo Courtesy of Christian Falstrup

Inside Part-Time Ninja

Andrew, a seemingly ordinary man, works at iBerries. Little does anyone know he lives a secret double life. At night, he conquers the injustices of Palos Verdes in “Part Time Ninja.” The show, a locally produced mini-series, is an action-comedy about a character named Andrew and his daily struggles. Andrew finds it hard to adjust

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