The responses to the Super Bowl

“They all tried their best,” said Vaneeb Kahn, commenting on February 1st’s Super Bowl XLIX. The New England Patriots played against the Seattle Seahawks for possession of the Lombaradi Trophy. Highlights included the Seahawks scoring a touchdown six seconds away from the end of the quarter and Seahawks player Jermaine Kearse catching a pass that

Parts of a whole

For every fan that attends a game, there is an athlete that strives for success during practice; for the athletes that play, there is a coach that helps motivate and train them. These essential pieces are all part of a whole that create love of the game; in Peninsula’s case, the pieces are the athletes,

Serving sweet victory

After another successful season, six players on girls tennis competed in CIF individually in the singles and doubles division. To enter the individual playoffs, players had to come in first or second in their league rankings. Two singles players and two doubles teams were able to compete this year. Junior Ena Shibihara and freshman Ryan

Less funding, fewer updates

The Athletic Booster Club and the Peninsula coaching and administration work together to meet the needs of sports athletes. In recent years, certain facilities such as the Jackie Prindle pool and the team room in the gym. The softball team received a new batting cage and bullpen last year and the gym and weight room

Getting back on their feet

No matter the sport, athletes need to be able to recover quickly for their activity. For this reason, many athletes develop their own ways to refuel the oxygen in their muscles, and get the blood flowing. From makeshift methods to professional techniques, students, coaches and trainers have their own ways to help themselves up after

Grand slam: Pen’s girls varsity tennis team are queens of the court

The girls varsity tennis team is rising to the challenge of the high school tennis scene. Under coaches Barbara Dewitt and Mike Hoeger, whose guidance led the team to a first place finish in the CIF last year, these athletes are training and practicing in order to dominate their opposition. Balancing a busy high school

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The number of football players at both Peninsula and Palos Verdes High School has been on the decline. “Two years ago, both high schools had over 100 freshmen playing football,” Athletic Director Wendell Yoshida said. “This year, between the two high schools, we only have 50 players.” Palos Verdes head football coach Guy Gardner witnessed

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