Less funding, fewer updates

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The Athletic Booster Club and the Peninsula coaching and administration work together to meet the needs of sports athletes. In recent years, certain facilities such as the Jackie Prindle pool and the team room in the gym. The softball team received a new batting cage and bullpen last year and the gym and weight room

Getting back on their feet

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No matter the sport, athletes need to be able to recover quickly for their activity. For this reason, many athletes develop their own ways to refuel the oxygen in their muscles, and get the blood flowing. From makeshift methods to professional techniques, students, coaches and trainers have their own ways to help themselves up after

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The number of football players at both Peninsula and Palos Verdes High School has been on the decline. “Two years ago, both high schools had over 100 freshmen playing football,” Athletic Director Wendell Yoshida said. “This year, between the two high schools, we only have 50 players.” Palos Verdes head football coach Guy Gardner witnessed

Peninsula takes on Culver City Centaurs

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“I believe that we can win! I believe that we can win!” These are the cheering sounds of the brilliant Panther crowd during Peninsula’s game against Culver City. The Panthers took a hard hit from the Centaurs losing 41-27. Star running back Rory Hubbard rushed the longest rushing play of the year for 64 yards,

Rugby Team Unites PV-Pen Rivalry

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While rugby is not a well-recognized sport in the United States, Peninsula High and Palos Verdes High have helped introduce the game to the South Bay. In 2010, led by Jeremy Wilkinson, the Panthers and Sea Kings united to form the Palos Verdes Rugby Team. In the 2012 season, the squad placed third in Southern

Baseball coaches share their past

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According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), seven percent of high school baseball players go on to play in college while 10 percent of college baseball players go on to play professionally. Varsity baseball assistant coaches Brian Bowles and Don Slaught were among the minority of college baseball players who were given the opportunity

Sam I Am: These battlescars after the Ides of March

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There are not many days that can provide the feeling I had when I woke up this morning. Well, there is always Christmas. The thoughts of Christmas tunes, snow, and gifts under the tree always make me smile. Of course, the first day of summer comes pretty close. The feeling of not having to rush

Profile: Jake Hoeger

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As his teammates look on, senior captain Jake Hoeger chases down and returns the tennis ball towards his South opponent. After a lengthy rally, he slams a powerful forehand winner across the court, ending the match. Despite the team’s 2-2 record so far, Hoeger looks prepared for a great season. “I feel really good about

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