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Junior makes toys for child cancer patients

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 When junior Terri Wilken learned that her aunt and grandmother passed away due to leukemia, she immediately wanted to know how she could help. This sparked her interest in creating a toy for child cancer patients called Squish-n-spy. “[My father] told me about how he always saw [my aunt and grandmother] in pain and this

Senior Abjelina coaches basketball

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Koby Abjelina didn’t make the school basketball team. But that didn’t discourage him or cause him to lose interest in the sport. If anything, it motivated him to stay involved in basketball and expand his interests. Instead, Abjelina started to coach a league he played in in his youth. Abjelina works for the Palos Verdes


Q&A with Max Shafer: Hoodie Allen at The Wiltern

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On Nov. 18, seniors Max Shafer and AJ Hezlep attended Hoodie Allen’s concert for his “People Keep Talking” tour at The Wiltern. Q: How long have you been a fan of Hoodie Allen? Max Shafer: [AJ Hezlep and I] have been listening to Hoodie ever since he came out with his EP, “Pep Rally,” in

The longest friend of human, pet: dogs

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According to the American Pet Products Association(APPA), Americans own 70-80 million dogs. Approximately 37 to 47 percent of all households in the United States have a dog. Student Store accountant Pattie Ness adopted five greyhounds. “They are my kids,” Ness said. When Ness adopted her dogs, her dogs were nervous about a new environment. A

Senior grows her passion for singing

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When senior Hanna Hilden was younger she never expected to be performing in plays and singing in front of audiences. She first started writing songs just a few years ago. “I discovered that I wanted to continue with music about three years ago when I started writing and recording my own music,” said Hilden. Hilden

Sher-ing second selves

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As junior Dani Sher finished sketching on her paper in history class, she was surprised by the outcome of the doodle- a screaming face. She didn’t know how, but she had just depicted her inner self through her art. Sher is a skilled artist who discovered her talent her freshman year. After enrolling in a

Freshman Nathan Kim furthers his passion for math

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Freshman Nathan Kim was beyond excited when he won first place at the annual Southern California MATHCOUNTS contest on March 9, 2014. When he entered his first math competition in second grade, he never thought it would lead to him ranking in the top 10 in the nation for math. Kim is still actively involved in math


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Sophomore gets accepted to the Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy Sophomore Thomas Montagne’s father, an engineer at Honeywell learned that one of his colleague’s daughters had attended a prestigious STEM camp offered by Honeywell. He then told his son to apply. “This interested me because I want to become an engineer like my parents,” Montagne said.

Psychological advantages of “selfies”

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As Oxford Dictionary’s word of the 2013 year, “selfies” have been flooding social media websites. Most of the world has been caught in this frenzy- either directly participating in it, or mocking it. Young students, however, seem to be the most affected by this new trend. As damaging as selfies are portrayed to be, they

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