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Sophomore gets accepted to the Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy Sophomore Thomas Montagne’s father, an engineer at Honeywell learned that one of his colleague’s daughters had attended a prestigious STEM camp offered by Honeywell. He then told his son to apply. “This interested me because I want to become an engineer like my parents,” Montagne said.

Psychological advantages of “selfies”

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As Oxford Dictionary’s word of the 2013 year, “selfies” have been flooding social media websites. Most of the world has been caught in this frenzy- either directly participating in it, or mocking it. Young students, however, seem to be the most affected by this new trend. As damaging as selfies are portrayed to be, they

Peninsula senior achieves ten year goal, despite fire

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For almost ten years, Senior Jacob Schneiderman had dreamed of climbing the Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. In August of 2013, Schneiderman finally achieved his goal, despite the ongoing forest rim fire. “The fire had just started when my family had gotten there. At the time, it was still barely under control,” Schneiderman said.

shoe drive

Just for kicks

Senior Makenzie Jordan was sitting on the bleachers one Saturday at a track meet, staring out at the field when inspiration struck her. Makenzie saw all the shoes lying on the field, and she immediately envisioned a school wide shoe drive with hundreds of pairs up for donation. That night, Makenzie, her mom and her


Griffin composes for LA Philharmonic

In addition to playing the piano, violin, oboe and bassoon, senior Jason Griffin composes music. Griffin first began composing at age nine when he would improvise and make little melodies on the piano. At 14, Griffin started receiving composition lessons from William Kraft. As a sophomore, Griffin applied to the LA Phil Composer Fellowship Program,

Self-diagnosing can be dangerous

Self-diagnosing is becoming in the U.S. According to a survey taken by the Pew Research Center in Washington D.C. revealed that 35 percent of adults in the U.S. have used the Internet to diagnose their medical conditions. School nurse Wendy Keller says that students also do this in lieu of visiting a doctor. “I think

Father still confined in China

Nearly five years ago, junior Richard Hu’s father, Dr. Zhicheng Hu, an American citizen, went on a business trip to China. He has yet to return. Chinese police detained Dr. Hu, an award-winning automotive engineer and holder of 48 patents, because one of his competitor companies accused him of misusing trade secrets and “stealing technology.”

Hand in Hand

On April 19, math teacher Christian Kim hosted an apologetics seminar, using science to defend Christian beliefs. Senior Josephine Lin, one of the event’s coordinators, said that Kim had wanted to hold the talk for a long time. However, “since Mr. Kim is a teacher, he’s not supposed to talk about his faith [during class],”


Mi casa es su casa, nuestra casa

Some Peninsula students volunteer their time to give back to communities near and far. Over the spring break, junior Michael DiMatteo and freshman Mariah Watts traveled with 50 members of their church, The River, to Ensenada, Mexico. Working with the organization Baja Bound, the group’s goal was to build a home for a small family

Conflicts in Korea

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As numerous Peninsula students have families living in South Korea, the impact of North Korea’s heightening threats is evident even thousands of miles away. Though these threats are no the first of their kind, they have still led to a variety of reactions from Korean students at Peninsula. To start, some students do not feel

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