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road not taken

The road not taken

A never ending line of cars lead up to the entrance of school each morning as vehicles and students alike weave through the crowded intersection. According to a survey of 120 students, approximately 63 percent of students think public transportation in Southern California is inaccessible. Unlike areas around the world in which the public transportation

Proposed act questions online privacy policy

Without any opposition, the California State Assembly passed Torrance’s Assemblyman Al Murtsuchi’s proposal titled the Online Tracking Transparency Act the act that requires commercial websites and online services to inform users how the sites and services honor the “do not track” signal, which is sent from users requesting to not have their online activity tracked.

Peninsula learns leadership

Peninsula will have a new leadership class, Service Learning Leadership, beginning the 2013-2014 school year. Aided by this program, students will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful community service projects.  “As students begin to understand the cause that most resonates with them, they will create and execute a service project in order to positively

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